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Woman jumps off Howrah Bridge



Kolkata, Oct 12 : A woman jumped off the Howrah Bridge on Wednesday afternoon and a search operation has been launched to locate her, police said.



I represent an ‘inclusive’ India: Nusrat Jahan on ‘fatwa’




Kolkata, 30 June 2019 : After being criticised for sporting vermilion and bangles and not wearing a ‘burqa’ in Parliament, actor-turned-politician Nusrat Jahan on Saturday said that she represents an “inclusive India”.

“I represent an inclusive India which is beyond the barriers of caste, creed and religion,” Jahan said in a statement that she later shared on Twitter.

She also wrote that she “respects all religions”.

“I still remain a Muslim and none should comment on what I choose to wear. Faith is beyond attire and is more about believing and practicing the invaluable doctrines of all religions,” Jahan said.

Criticising her “un-Islamic” post-marriage appearance at her oath-taking ceremony in Parliament on June 25, a group of Muslim clerics had issued a ‘fatwa’ against the newly-married Member of Parliament.

Jahan tied the knot with businessman Nikhil Jain on June 19.

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Fire at Calcutta Medical College, 250 patients evacuated




Kolkata, 3 October : A fire broke out at the Calcutta Medical College and Hospital here on Wednesday morning, which was brought under control after five hours even as authorities evacuated around 250 patients and claimed there were no casualties.

Panic gripped patients and their relatives alike as chaos prevailed due to the blaze that broke out at a medical store at the state-run hospital.

Some of the critically ill had to be carried out by hospital staff as enough number of stretchers were not available. Authorities said 250 patients were evacuated.

“I am a heart patient. I panicked on hearing of the fire,” a patient said.

“The moment I heard about the fire, we rushed out. But I have no idea when I will be able to take the patient inside as the doctors are unable to say anything,” a relative of another patient added.

A man claimed that his father, admitted for treatment of a respiratory problem, died after his condition deteriorated after inhaling smoke, though hospital authorities said no death occurred due to the blaze.

West Bengal Minister Sovan Chatterjee said all patients in the affected building were shifted to other wards as the fire, though controlled, continued to burn.

“The blaze broke out on the ground floor of the hospital building around 7.58 a.m. Ten fire tenders were pressed into service. The situation is now under control,” said Jag Mohan, Director General, West Bengal Fire and Emergency Services.

“The fire started at a place where gas cylinders, gauzes and bandages are stored. We have identified the source of fire and are working accordingly. We are using extractors to remove smoke from the building. The firefighters are in control of the situation,” Mohan said.

Forensic experts collected samples from the building in the afternoon.

Earlier, thick smoke was seen coming out from the old hospital building that houses the Cardiology, Hematology and Endocrinology departments.

“Medicine stocks costing Rs 5 crore were destroyed,” said the incharge of the pharmacy housed in the damaged building.

Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Chandrima Bhattacharya assured that the stocks of lifesaving medicines destroyed in the fire will be replaced.

A son of deceased Shaidul Islam Mullick, a resident of Hoogly district’s Khanakul, said his father was admitted to the hospital last week.

“My father was suffering from respiratory problems. He was stable in the morning. But he had to be rushed out of the ward after the fire broke out. His condition deteriorated as he inhaled a lot of smoke. The doctors took him to the Emergency Ward but he passed away around 10 a.m.,” he claimed.

Medical College Superintendent Asish Kumar Basu, however, told IANS: “All patients were safely evacuated. No patient was injured or fell ill during the shifting. The process of returning the patients to their respective ward has already started. We have to check the case of this person’s death. According to the doctors, his condition was critical before the fire.”

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RSS not working against any community: Mohan Bhagwat




Kolkata, 14 Jan 2017 : RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat on Saturday asserted the organisation is “not against anyone” but only working to unite and strengthen the Hindu community.

“We are not against anyone but only working to unite the Hindu community and to empower the Hindu society,” Bhagwat said while addressing a rally here.

“Can anyone stop us? No one can stop us. We have to work. We have and we will keep on doing it. Increase activism, it doesn’t increase from preaching,” he said in his message on Makar Sankranti.

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