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My sex slave hell with ISIS was horrific but now I hope Britain will help us



Nadia Murad was eight when Tony Blair took Britain to war with Iraq, destabilising her country so badly that IS were able to rise to power and 13 years later butcher her family and take her captive to rape again and again.

After he was damned by the Chilcot Report, Blair insisted his conscience was clear and he could “look the nation in eye”.

But to get a true measure of the consequences of his actions, Blair should meet Nadia. Her eyes would tell of the bloody legacy of that decision, in the physical and mental scars she carries.

Nadia, a member of the ancient Yazidi community despised by IS, was captured in 2014 and raped so many times, by so many men, she cannot give numbers.

She says: “Soon I stopped fighting them. I took myself to another world when they raped me.”

She was one of 5,000 woman kidnapped by IS in 2014 from the Yazidi, a secretive sect who derive many of their beliefs from Islam and Christianity but are wrongly labelled devil worshippers in areas near their homeland in northern Syria, northern Iraq and eastern Turkey.

Six of her brothers were slaughtered before her eyes, with 300 other men from her village. Her mother was also killed.

Nadia and her sisters, female cousins and nieces, were forced to “marry” IS extremists. None of the men who raped her revealed their identities, but one name that does stick out is, she says, “Sarah”.
This was the daughter of the first man who made Nadia his “sadir” or slave. The name would flash up on his mobile as he raped her. Nadia says: “I never met her or his wife, but they knew what he was doing to me. They accepted their men were raping us. To IS women, we are not worth the value of animals.”

Nadia escaped after three months, knowing she would be executed if caught. She says: “I preferred to be killed and just finally stop it.”


अनन्या पांडे का दिखा बोल्ड अवतार, फैंस को किया बोल्ड out



मुंबई, 4 अगस्त (live24india):  अभिनेत्री अनन्या पांडे समय-समय पर दर्शकों को मंत्रमुग्ध करते आई है! अभिनेत्री एक फैशन आइकन है और कई लोगों के लिए वार्डरोब इंस्पिरेशन का स्रोत है! एक प्रमुख पत्रिका से हाल ही में जारी की गई इन अनदेखी तस्वीरों में, उन्होंने अपने आकर्षक लुक से एक बार फिर दर्शकों को स्तब्ध कर दिया है:

अभिनेत्री पहली तस्वीर में एक कोल्ड बोल्ड पोज़ देती हुई दिखाई दे रही है जहाँ वह अपने कर्ल किए हुए बालों को पलटते हुए दिखाई दे रही है। उन्होंने इस लुक को बिकिनी टॉप, मैरून ट्राउजर के साथ पेयर किया है जिसे अनन्य ने एक सोने की चेन, अंगूठियों और झुमके के साथ पूरा किया है।

दूसरे लुक में, अनन्या को विंटेज सेटअप में एक रेट्रो कार के अंदर गोल्डन ट्रेंच कोट के साथ तापमान बढ़ाते हुए देखा जा सकता है। उन्होंने अपने बालों को खुला छोड़ा है और उनके मेकअप को कम से कम रखा गया है जिससे उनके पूरे लुक में एक चिक वाइब मिल रही है।

इस रंगीन तस्वीर में वह रेडियंट दिख रही, अभिनेत्री ने एक इन्फिलूप ब्रैलेट के साथ एक मैटलिक कॉर्ड वाली स्कर्ट पहनी है और इसे अभिनेत्री ने शौल्डर लेंथ झुमके के साथ पूरा किया है। अनन्या ने अपनी चमकदार मुस्कान के साथ सेट को रोशन कर दिया है।

अंत में, अनन्या इस लुक में निडर लग रही हैं और एक काले रंग की वेल्वेट वी-नैक ड्रेस पहने हुए दिखाई दे रही हैं, जिसमें उनके बाल पोनी में बंधे हुए हैं और न्यूनतम ज्वेलरी के साथ पूरा किया है।

वर्क फ्रंट पर, अनन्या जल्द अखिल भारतीय फिल्म ‘लिगर’ में विजय देवरकोंडा के साथ दिखाई देंगी। उनके पास पाइपलाइन में शकुन बत्रा की अगली फ़िल्म भी है।

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Nora Fatehi in white dress celebrates the 20 Million mark on Instagram




Mumbai, 24 Nov. : One of the most entertaining and popular celebrities on social media, Nora Fatehi recently crosses the 20 Million milestone on Instagram. Celebrating her extensive fanbase, Nora’s friends and family surprised the actress amidst her visit to Morocco.

Nora Fatehi shared a glimpse of the grand celebration in the middle of a dessert, wherein her friends and family missed no opportunity to make the diva feel special. Extremely proud of her achievements, Nora’s loved ones banked upon her visit to Morocco to enjoy a lavish celebration, marking the milestone on social media.

In a video shared by Nora Fatehi on Instagram, the performer is seen expressing her gratitude to her fans and followers for the abundant love and support showered on her. Acknowledging this is just the beginning, Nora professed her love to her virtual family.

The actress wrote, “Wow! We did it! Thank you so much to my insta fam and everyone who constantly supports me! Love you guys❤️ this is just the beginning ❤️ #grateful 🇮🇳 🇲🇦 🇨🇦

@tariq_hmitti @amine_el_hannaoui


Touted as one of the most fashionable icons in India, Nora Fatehi’s sense of style embodies the aesthetics of international pop-stars and icons. The diverse and bold choices by the actress has always stunned the onlookers as Nora pushes the envelope of fashion standards in India.

Nora Fatehi has amassed a huge fan base across the world in a very short span of time owing to her incredible talent and determined perseverance. The young performer has emerged as an icon for the youth and an aspirational figure for the kids.

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Diwali Wishes Images, Dipawali Massages WhatsAPP, SMS, Facebook Cover Diwali #Diwaliwithlive24india




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