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Birmingham, 30 June 2019 : Slow and steady was once again the route followed by the English batsmen as they started cautiously and set the perfect platform for a late-innings flourish in their must-win game against India at the Edgbaston Cricket Ground on Sunday.

Live Score #CWC19 INDvENG :

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England Batting > 337/7

Jason Roy c sub (Ravindra Jadeja) b Kuldeep Yadav 66 (57)
Jonny Bairstow c Rishabh Pant b Mohammed Shami 111 (109)
Joe Root c Hardik Pandya b Mohammed Shami 44 (54)
Eoin Morgan c Kedar Jadhav b Mohammed Shami 1 (9)
Ben Stokes c sub (Ravindra Jadeja) b Jasprit Bumrah 79 (54)
Jos Buttler c & b Mohammed Shami 20 (8)
Chris Woakes c Rohit Sharma b Mohammed Shami 07 (5)
Liam Plunkett 04 (1)
Jofra Archer 0 (0)

INDIA Batting > 294/5

KL Rahul c & b Chris Woakes 00 (9)
Rohit Sharma95 (101)
Virat Kohli c sub (James Vince) b Liam Plunkett66 (76)
Rishabh Pant35 (29)
Kedar Jadhav 12 (13)
MS Dhoni42 (31)
Hardik Pandya c sub (James Vince) b Liam Plunkett 45 (33)
Kuldeep Yadav
Mohammed Shami
Yuzvendra Chahal
Jasprit Bumrah

INDIA – 306/5 (50 Over)


IND require 33 runs with 2 balls remaining | Req RR: 99.00

IND require 44 runs with 6 balls remaining | Req RR: 44.00

IND require 51 runs with 12 balls remaining | Req RR: 25.50

Over 47: India 281/5 – Need 57 runs from 18 balls

Over 34: India 183/2 – Need 155 runs from 16 overs

IND require 157 runs with 98 balls remaining | Req RR: 9.61

IND require 172 runs with 108 balls remaining | Req RR: 9.55

Over 32 – India 166-2 (Pant 5, Sharma 91) – TARGET 338

Over 31 – India 155-2 (Pant 4, Sharma 81) – TARGET 338

IND require 184 runs with 117 balls remaining | Req RR: 9.43

WICKET! V Kohli (c Vince b Plunkett) 66 – India 146/2

Over 28 – India 144-1 (Kohli 66, Sharma 77) – TARGET 338

Rohit is really starting to get going now as he hits Rashid’s first ball to the fence, sweeping it on the full. Three dots to finish the over stops things going all India’s way though.

IND require 198 runs with 138 balls remaining | Req RR: 8.60

Over 26 – India 133-1 (Kohli 63, Sharma 70) – TARGET 338

Over 25 – India 120-1 (Kohli 63, Sharma 57) – TARGET 338

Over 18 – India 71-1 (Kohli 42, Sharma 29) – TARGET 338

Sharma and Kohli build fifty partnership but required rate passes eight

IND require 270 runs with 195 balls remaining | Req RR: 8.30

Over 17 – India 67-1 (Kohli 39, Sharma 28) – TARGET 338

Over 16 – India 57-1 (Kohli 34, Sharma 23) – TARGET 338

Plunkett has taken the lessons Pandya learned in the first innings and put them to use, changing his pace often and bowling plenty of cross-seam deliveries in order to exacerbate the variable bounce in the pitch.

Over 15 – India 53-1 (Kohli 31, Sharma 22) – TARGET 338

Over 14 – India 51-1 (Kohli 30, Sharma 21) – TARGET 338

India’s Rohit Sharma plays a shot during the 2019 Cricket World Cup group stage match between England and India at Edgbaston in Birmingham, central England, on June 30, 2019. (Photo by Paul ELLIS / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE (Photo credit should read PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Over 13 – India 43-1 (Kohli 22, Sharma 21) – TARGET 338

Over 12 – India 40-1 (Kohli 20, Sharma 20) – TARGET 338

Over 11 – India 31-1 (Kohli 19, Sharma 12) – TARGET 338

Over 50 – England 337-7 (Plunkett 1no, Archer 0no)

Over 49 – England 334-6 (Plunkett 0, Stokes 78)

Over 48 – England 319-5 (Woakes 6, Stokes 63)

WICKET! Buttler c&b Shami 20 – England 310-5

Over 46 – England 293-4 (Buttler 10, Stokes 54)

Over 45 – England 289-4 (Buttler 9, Stokes 51)

Over 36 – England 213-3 (Root 26, Stokes 3)

Over 35 – England 211-3 (Root 25, Stokes 2)

Over 34 – England 207-2 (Root 23, Stokes 0)

WICKET! Morgan c Jadhav b Shami 1 – England 207-3

Over 33 – England 207-2 (Root 23, Morgan 1)

Over 31 – England 204-1 (Root 20, Bairstow 112)

Over 29 – England 196-1 (Root 16, Bairstow 109)

Over 28 – England 194-1 (Root 14, Bairstow 109)

Jonny Bairstow hits a century

Over 26 – England 183-1 (Root 12, Bairstow 100)

Over 25 – England 180-1 (Root 11, Bairstow 98)

Over 22 – England 160-0 (Roy 66, Bairstow 89)

Over 21 – England 155-0 (Roy 63, Bairstow 87)

Over 20 – England 145-0 (Roy 62, Bairstow 78)

Over 19 – England 141-0 (Roy 59, Bairstow 77)
Kuldeep bowls the ball in the slot and Bairstow launches his fifth six of his innings as he slog sweeps the ball into the stands. England look like they are cruising towards a very big total.

Jason Roy returns to the side with a fifty!

15.6 – Y Chahal to J Bairstow, SIX.

15.3 > Y Chahal to J Bairstow, SIX.

England don’t want to let Chahal settle in, and Roy gets a reverse sweep away for four first ball. The next ball is drilled hard on the bounce above Kohli’s head at cover, and the Indian skipper does well to get a hand to it and keep it to a single.

K Yadav to J Roy, FOUR.

H Pandya to J Bairstow, FOUR.

H Pandya to J Bairstow, FOUR.

10.6 H Pandya to J Roy, FOUR.

10.5 H Pandya to J Roy, SIX.

Shami back on, the experiment of spin in the first powerplay having not worked too well for India. Shami does a good job of backing up Bumrah’s maiden, conceding only a single despite Roy showing some intent with a dance down the pitch.

Roy plays an excellent shot, picking the leg break and making the most of the width on offer, drilling it through cover-point for four. Next ball he picks the length early and sweeps from quite a long way outside off, collecting it sweetly and sending it to the deep mid-wicket fence for another boundary.

Bumrah continues and continues to ask questions of the English openers. They manage to keep it out despite some less than convincing shots.

England win toss and bat
Pant comes in for Shankar
Roy and Plunkett in for Vince and Moeen


PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti released from detention after 14 months




Jammu, 13 Oct : Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mehbooba Mufti was on Tuesday released from detention. “PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti is being released from detention,” said Jammu and Kashmir administration spokesperson Rohit Kansal.

A government order issued on Tuesday night said her detention was being revoked with immediate effect.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration in July had extended her detention by three months under the stringent Public Safety Act (PSA).

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Cinemas, theatres, multiplexes to open with up to 50% seating capacity from Oct 15




Swimming pools for training of sportspersons to open with SOP from Oct 15

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SAD breaks alliance with BJP Leaves NDA in protest against farmers ordinance




Chandigarh, 26 Sep : The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) has severed its alliance with the BJP. The Akali Dal had a 22-year-old alliance with the BJP.

The decision was taken after a meeting of the Akali Dal’s Kaur Committee which lasted for more than four hours today. Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal addressed the press after the meeting and announced that he would no longer be a part of BJP-NDA.

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