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Live Cricket Score of India vs New Zealand, 4th ODI at Ranchi



Live Score Updates

India  241  (48.4 Overs)

> Dhawal Kulkarni*                   Runs > 25    Balls 26
> Umesh Yadav  c Ross Taylor b Trent Boult 7 Runs 12 Balls


9). Axar Patel  b Trent Boult  38 Runs 40 Balls

8). Amit Mishra  run out (Michell Santner/BJ Watling) 14 Runs 17 Balls

7). Hardik Pandya  c Tom Latharn b Mitchell Santner 9 Runs 13 Balls

6). Manish Pandey c Tom Latham b Tim Southrr 12 Runs 12 Balls

5). Kedar Jadhav lbw Tim Southee 0 Runs 1 Balls

4). MS Dhoni  b Jimmy Neesham  11 Runs 31 Balls

3). Ajinkya Rahane  lbw Jimmy Neesham  57 Runs 70 Balls

2).  Virat Kohli C BJ Watling b Ish Sodhi 45 Runs 51 Balls

1).  Rohit Sharma C BJ Watling b Tim Southee 11 Runs 19 Balls

New Zealand 260/7

India need 255 runs

Live Updates

New Zealand won by 19 runs


#Wicket : T Boult to U Yadav, WICKET!!! U Yadav is out c Ross Taylor b Trent Boult, 129.6 km/h short length outside off stump.

IND require 23 runs with 12 balls remaining | Req RR: 11.50

IND require 27 runs with 19 balls remaining | Req RR: 8.52

#Four : M Santner to D Kulkarni, FOUR, 83.7 km/h short length outside off stump.

IND require 42 runs with 30 balls remaining | Req RR: 8.40

IND require 51 runs with 37 balls remaining | Req RR: 8.27

T Boult to A Patel, WICKET!!! A Patel is out b Trent Boult.

#Wicket Cleans him up with an absolute peach! That was an inswinging yorker that’s going to clean up most batsmen! Inswinger clips his pad and pings off. No chance for Axar and India are 9 down

#Wicket : T Boult to A Patel, WICKET!!! A Mishra is out run out (Mitchell Santner/BJ Watling), 139.0 km/h short length on middle stump.

IND require 65 runs with 53 balls remaining | Req RR: 7.35

T Southee to A Mishra, FOUR, 133.5 km/h full length on middle stump.

T Boult to A Mishra, no run, 116.6 km/h good length on middle stump.

IND require 85 runs with 72 balls remaining | Req RR: 7.08

IND require 88 runs with 74 balls remaining | Req RR: 7.13

IND require 90 runs with 78 balls remaining | Req RR: 6.92

IND require 93 runs with 81 balls remaining | Req RR: 6.88

Wicket! M Santner to H Pandya, WICKET!!! H Pandya is out c Tom Latham b Mitchell Santner, 90.6 km/h good length on middle stump.

IND require 100 runs with 90 balls remaining | Req RR: 6.66

T Boult to H Pandya, no run, 119.4 km/h good length on middle stump.

IND require 101 runs with 93 balls remaining | Req RR: 6.51

IND require 103 runs with 99 balls remaining | Req RR: 6.24

No hat-trick for Southee but he’s got New Zealand into a superb position here


Wicket! Two in two! Southee’s on a hat-trick. Brilliant bowling! Superb slower ball bamboozles Kedar who was expecting pace. Pins him in front as that keeps a touch low. Looks like it’s down to Pandya!

Wicket! Just as Manish was looking good, he’s holed out! Tried to go over the infiedl, but can’t get enough leverage and that’s a great leap at mid on. New Zealand back in command!

J Neesham to M Pandey, FOUR, 137.9 km/h full length just outside off stump.

FOUR! J Neesham to M Pandey, FOUR, 127.7 km/h short length just outside off stump.

IND require 119 runs with 116 balls remaining | Req RR: 6.15

IND require 126 runs with 122 balls remaining | Req RR: 6.19

Wicket! Bowled him! Dhoni misreads the line a touch! It angles back in and knocks back the stumps. Advantage New Zealand?

IND require 126 runs with 125 balls remaining | Req RR: 6.04

M Santner to A Patel, no run, 89.5 km/h good length going down leg.

M Santner to MS Dhoni, no run, 85.5 km/h good length on middle stump.


IND require 129 runs with 132 balls remaining | Req RR: 5.86

Four! Great shot by Axar. Leans into a half volley and punches it past mid on for four

Wicket! The set Rahane has to go. Neesham’s not always got his line right today, but he gets this one absolutely perfect. Rahane shuffles across his stumps looking to work it through leg but misses a straight one and is pinned


IND require 135 runs with 140 balls remaining | Req RR: 5.78

50 for Ajinkya Rahane
Four! Poor ball from Devcich, full and wide, Rahane gets a bat on it and guides it down to third man for four

Sodhi to MS Dhoni, one run, 82.8 km/h short length just outside off stump.

IND require 152 runs with 162 balls remaining | Req RR: 5.62

1Wd  A Devcich to MS Dhoni, wide delivery.

IND require 159 runs with 171 balls remaining | Req RR: 5.57

A Devcich to MS Dhoni, no run, 98.1 km/h full length on middle stump.

Wicket! Huge wicket! Kohli will not get a hundred this time. Similar to Williamson, was looking to cut but only edges behind


IND require 165 runs with 185 balls remaining | Req RR: 5.35


IND require 168 runs with 188 balls remaining | Req RR: 5.36

Kohli and Rahane going about their business in ominous fashion for New Zealand. They need to break this partnership to put the new batsman under pressure. Otherwise, Kohli’s just going to do what Kohli does best.


IND require 173 runs with 195 balls remaining | Req RR: 5.32

Close! Edged but there’s no slip and it’s safe. Plenty of turn here for the spinners

Sodhi to V Kohli, no run, 87.8 km/h good length just outside off stump.

Six! Even when he doesn’t middle them, they still fly! Hit with the turn and it beats Latham running round to try and take a diving catch

M Santner to V Kohli, no run, 87.2 km/h good length on off stump.

Close! Attempted drive and that’s gripped and beaten Kohli

Four! Deft cut by Kohli and that’s beaten Southee in a race to the third man boundary. Top shot

Sodhi to V Kohli, two runs, 86.7 km/h short length just outside off stump.

Sodhi to A Rahane, one run, 86.8 km/h full length outside off stump.

M Santner to A Rahane, no run, 86.3 km/h good length just outside off stump.


M Santner to A Rahane, one run, 88.8 km/h good length just outside off stump.

M Santner to V Kohli, no run, 88.6 km/h good length just outside off stump.

Time for spin, as Mitchell Santner comes on.

IND require 212 runs with 241 balls remaining | Req RR: 5.27

Four! Short from Southee, Rahane rocks back and pulls powerfully. Just enough legs on it to get through a sprawling Sodhi






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