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Innovate new ideas but don’t let setbacks dampen your spirit: Modi




New Delhi, 1 April 2017 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday called upon Indian youth to innovate new ideas and use technology to bring about the changes that the country needs while urging them not to let their setbacks dampen their spirits.

“Technology has made things so much simpler. Technology and innovation are powering so many changes. Things like floppies, tape recorders and the walkman are history. Artificial intelligence, 3D technology… see how the world is undergoing changes. This is an era of ‘Internet of Things’,” he said in his address at the Smart India Hackathon 2017.

“To solve problems of the common people, IT solutions are necessary,” he added.

Encouraging the youth to fulfill their dreams, the Prime Minister said that while innovating new ideas, they may face setbacks but they should “not let those setbacks dampen your spirits”.

Modi also cautioned them not to compromise with quality.

“When you are innovating, remember that quality is key. Good quality products will bring changes in the lives of many people.

“Youth of India wants to find solutions to the nation’s problems. They want results that are quick and credible,” he said.

Describing democracy as the “true essence of Jan Bhagidari”, he said: “Together we will solve all the issues that are affecting the nation. This will be done through Jan Bhagidari.”

He also said the perception that democracy was restricted to voting only was not the reality and

“Democracy is not only giving contract to one government for five years. In reality it is Jan Bhagidari,” Modi said.

“A series of issues have been placed before our youth to work on. The issues are challenging but this is also an opportunity. There is a need to use technology more and innovate more. We live in a technology-driven era,” he added.

Modi said that the youth of India is blessed with phenomenal energy and this energy will bring very good results for the nation.

“India is a youthful nation. The youth of India has come together with enthusiasm for this programme. I am confident the outcomes of what my young friends are doing will lead to very positive results.”

Describing the “Smart India Hackathon” as an innovative experiment, he said that youthful India has come together for the event.

“Youth of India wants to find solutions to the nation’s problems. They want results that are quick and credible,” he said.

After his speech, Modi interacted with engineering students across the sevearal centres listening to their sugestions about their various problems and also asking them some questions.

During “Smart India Hackathon”, 598 problems were identified and posted by 29 central government departments, including issues like geo-fencing of airports, online toll collection, smart traffic management, cyber attacks and smart drones to make the airspace safer.

The 36-hour non-stop digital programming competition started at 8 a.m. on Saturday in 26 different locations in the country with each location handled by one central department or ministry.

The top three teams would be awarded Rs 1 lakh, Rs 75,000 and Rs 50,000 respectively and the digital solutions so awarded would be used by the ministry/departments for improving their governance systems, if necessary, with suitable upgradation.

All the prize winners would be connected to form a Community of Innovative Minds. The hackathon also aims at improving awareness about patents in the country.

According to World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), India registers 40 patents per million population.


PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti released from detention after 14 months




Jammu, 13 Oct : Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mehbooba Mufti was on Tuesday released from detention. “PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti is being released from detention,” said Jammu and Kashmir administration spokesperson Rohit Kansal.

A government order issued on Tuesday night said her detention was being revoked with immediate effect.

The Jammu and Kashmir administration in July had extended her detention by three months under the stringent Public Safety Act (PSA).

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Cinemas, theatres, multiplexes to open with up to 50% seating capacity from Oct 15




Swimming pools for training of sportspersons to open with SOP from Oct 15

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SAD breaks alliance with BJP Leaves NDA in protest against farmers ordinance




Chandigarh, 26 Sep : The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) has severed its alliance with the BJP. The Akali Dal had a 22-year-old alliance with the BJP.

The decision was taken after a meeting of the Akali Dal’s Kaur Committee which lasted for more than four hours today. Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal addressed the press after the meeting and announced that he would no longer be a part of BJP-NDA.

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