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War not an option, says Pakistan’s envoy to US




Washington, Oct 10 :  War is not an option for India and Pakistan, Islamabads envoy to the US says, while two visiting Pakistani MPs have called for talks between the two countries.

“Going to war is not an option at all. Both countries need economic development and to focus on the welfare of their people,” the Dawn on Monday quoted Pakistani amba­ssador Jalil Abbas Jilani as saying.

MPs Mushahid Hussain Syed and Shezra Mansab Ali Kharal, visiting the US to present Pakistan’s views on the Kashmir dispute, disregarded with the view New Delhi and Islamabad were moving towards yet another war.

“There will be no war,” Hussain said. “Both sides are fully aware of the consequences of a war between two nuclear-armed nations.”

Kharal added: “Talks are important, not just for Pakistan and India but also for the people of Kashmir. They too deserve to live in peace and with dignity.”

The Dawn quoted the lawmakers as saying that Pakistan and India had already agreed to reduce tensions after their national security advisers spoke over phone last week.

The ambassador urged the US and other major world powers to encourage India to engage with Pakistan for a peaceful resolution of all disputes, including the core issue of Kashmir.

Earlier, at a meeting with Pakistani journalists, Hussain and Kharal said the Americans had maintained “very high-level” contacts with the Indian and Pakistani governments.

“We are convinced that the (Narendra) Modi government will finally resume bilateral talks with Pakistan,” said Hussain.

India-Pakistan ties tensed after terrorists from Pakistan killed 19 Indian soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir last month. The Indian Army later carried out surgical strikes on terrorist positions in Pakistani territory.

Kharal warned India not “to stir troubles in Balochistan as India too has faultlines”.

She said India had more than 17 separatist movements and if Pakistan wanted, it could have exploited those situations.

“But we did not because we regard those as India’s internal affairs. India should also stop interfering in our internal affairs.

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डायबिटीज के मरीज जरूर पिएं दालचीनी का पानी, नहीं पड़ेगी दवाई की जरूरत



दालचीनी हर घर में मौजूद होती है। दालचीनी सिर्फ खाने का स्वाद ही नहीं बढ़ाता बल्कि हमे बहुत सारे पोषक तत्व भी देता है। सिर्फ दालचीनी ही नहीं बल्कि दालचीनी का पानी भी हमारे लिए बेहद फायदेमंद रहता है। जो लोग डायबिटीज से पीड़ित हैं उनके लिए दालचीनी का पानी रामबाण इलाज है। ऐसे में हम आपको बताएंगे कि आपको किस तरह से दालचीना का सेवन करना चाहिए और इसके क्या फायदे है?

लाभदायक है दालचीनी का पानी?

दालचीनी कोई मामूली मसाला नहीं है। दालचीनी में कई गुण होते हैं इसके साथ पानी और दालचीनी का संयोजन एक बहुत ही अच्छी ड्रिंक होती है ये शरीर में मौजूद सभी टॉक्सिन्स को बाहर निकाल देती है। इसके फायदे यहीं समाप्त नहीं होते हैं। दालचीनी का पानी शरीर में बढ़ रहें अनचाहे फैट को भी बर्न करती है। इसके साथ यह हृदय से जुड़ी बीमारी और अल्जाइमर जैसे रोगों को भी दूर करती है।

किस तरह से करती है दालचीनी शुगर को कंट्रोल?

दालचीनी में मौजूद औषधीय गुण करते हैं डायबिटीज का खात्मा। इसमें मौजूद इन्सुलिन संवेदनशीलता को बढ़ने में मदद करता है। खाने में मौजूद ब्लड शुगर स्पाइक को कम करता है। डायबिटीज से जुड़ी अन्य बिमारियों को दूर करता है।

दालचीनी के पानी को बनाने के लिए आप एक कंटेनर में 1 लीटर पानी और उसमें 1 इंच तक दालचीनी का टुकड़ा डालें। अब इसे रात भर के लिए ऐसे ही छोड़ दें। आप इसमें कुछ नीबू के टुकड़े भी डाल सकते हैं। अगले दिन जब भी आपको प्यास लगे इस पानी का सेवन करें। इसके साथ आप दालचीनी को पानी में उबालकर भी इसके पानी का सेवन कर सकते हैं। इसके लिए बस आपको दो कप पानी लेना है और उसको उबाल लेना है। उसके बाद उस पानी में दालचीनी का पाउडर डालें और इसे अच्छी तरह से मिक्स कर लें। आप इसे रोजाना पी सकते हैं। आपको डायबिटीज में इसका फायदा जरूर मिलेगा।

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New skin-like sensor maps blood-oxygen levels in body




New York, 08 November 2018 : US engineers have developed a new lightweight, thin and flexible sensor that can map blood-oxygen levels over large areas of skin, tissue and organs, potentially giving doctors a new way to monitor healing wounds in real time.

Injuries cannot heal without a constant influx of blood’s key ingredient — oxygen. The device can track oxygenation of healing wounds in real time.

The sensor is made of organic electronics printed on bendable plastic that moulds to the contours of the body and can be placed anywhere on the skin.

It could potentially be used to map oxygenation of skin grafts, or to look through the skin to monitor oxygen levels in transplanted organs, the researchers said.

“All medical applications that use oxygen monitoring could benefit from a wearable sensor,” said Ana Claudia Arias, Professor at the University of California (UC)- Berkeley .

“Patients with diabetes, respiration diseases and even sleep apnoea could use a sensor that could be worn anywhere to monitor blood-oxygen levels 24/7,” she added.

Existing oximeters (the name for blood-oxygen sensors) use LEDs to shine red and near-infrared light through the skin, and work only on areas of the body that are partially transparent, like the fingertips or the earlobes. It can only measure blood-oxygen levels at a single point in the body.

“Thick regions of the body, such as the forehead, arms and legs, barely pass visible or near-infrared light, which makes measuring oxygenation at these locations really challenging,” the researchers said.

The new sensor, described in the journal PNAS, is built of an array of alternating red and near-infrared organic LEDs and organic photodiodes printed on a flexible material.

The team used the sensor to track the overall blood-oxygen levels on the forehead of a volunteer who breathed air with progressively lower concentrations of oxygen — similar to going up in altitude — and found that it matched those using a standard fingertip oximeter.

They also used the sensor to map blood-oxygen levels in a three-by-three grid on the forearm of a volunteer wearing a pressure cuff.

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The Importance of Strength Training



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Strength Training

Strength training as a form of exercise gets little to no attention compared to cardiovascular training.Most people know that walking or riding their bike is an essential part of maintaining good health; strength training is often acknowledged as a beneficial thing to do for optimal health, but not essential enough to regularly incorporate into their exercise routine.

Strength training, by definition, is a concerted effort to use resistance or weights to work a muscle group.Many people falsely believe that being active, such as standing and moving during a shift at work, or doing house work, is enough effort to keep muscles healthy and strong.Being active is beneficial to the body, but it takes a focused effort to work muscles by either using weights, or your own body weight, to get the benefits of strength training.

The benefits of strength training are much too important to omit when committing to a healthy lifestyle, and many of these benefits cannot be accomplished with cardiovascular training alone.A well-designed strength-training program can provide the following benefits…

Smile Verma
Fitness&Nutritoon expert.

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